In a market for Bluetooth/multi-room speakers

A few of years ago, my mum bought a Multiroom stereo speaker from Audio Pro, the Audio Pro Addon C5. It was the first Bluetooth and wifi enable speaker that I ever had the chance in using. Though it wasn’t mine, I borrowed it for a couple of weeks to try it out.

I was blown away by the sound quality the speakers were emitting from this humble device. It’s not a big speaker to begin with, but the sound was just so warm, full and clear, so much so, I couldn’t believe that it was coming out from the pair of tweeters and woofer housed in such a small device.

Fast forward today, I have tried many other Bluetooth/multi-room speakers that are currently out on the market. Sonos being one of the more popular brand selling their ecosystem of multi-room speakers for just about every budget and every sized room in the house. Strangely though, despite its popularity, I have never find Sonos speakers reaching that level of fidelity and clarity that Audio Pro generates from their line of speakers. Comparing a similarly priced speaker between Sonos and Audio Pro, Audio Pro takes the cake. Up till today, I still cannot see the attractiveness or the value of ever buying a Sonos despite better sounding speakers for similar prices offered by other brands.

And then there is Marshall and Klipsch, both brands offer a terrific lineup of Bluetooth and multi-room speakers with features that are just almost similar across the board whether we are talking about Sonos, Audio Pro, Klipsch or Marshall. Both look great design wise, even better than Sonos or Audio Pro is some aspects, but again, sound quality is great but still in my personal opinion, lack that extra bit of warmth or clarity that Audio Pro provides.

And that leads me to my final point; I am now a huge fan of Audio Pro speakers. In a few years time, when I get my own apartment, I will definitely, without question, get a few of these speakers and place them all around my house for a solid multi-room set up. I have always wanted to have such a system in my house when I own one, and Audio Pro is definitely at the top of the list.

I have yet to definitively test the more higher end brands like Bang and Olufsen, Bose, and Kef. However given the price premium on their products just because they have reached luxury brand status, doesn’t mean that their audio quality are far superior than any of the Bluetooth or multi-room speakers current out there on the market at much cheaper prices.

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