Japan Day 1 Part 2

It took the remaining an hour or so to arrive at Hakone. We stopped by somewhere along the way for a brief toilet break. While there, i bought yakitori and onigiri at a nearby shop and it tasted real great. My first ever food bought and eating in Japan.

The bus took us through the mountains and the view was great. We passed by a very small town, after coming out of a long tunnel and it was situated on a valley, surround by mountains. It was so peaceful and scenic. Though i didnt have pictures taken, it wasnt our intended destination, but it was a very typical small suburban town in the mountains.

We reached Hakone, a fairly large town, by midday, just in time for lunch. We were treated to a fabulous eating outlet, and I relished every bit of it. It tasted really fabulous, so authentic, none ive tasted back in Singapore. It looked kinda pricey, but yet kinda simple and filling.

There were also noodles as well as rice on the left hand side of the food presentation.

Next stop, a little farther away, we went to a small wasabi farm, where we learnt how wasabi was planted and harvest. The wasabi is a plant an the root is where it is harvested to make wasabi, its grown submerged in water for a period of 2 years till maturation.

There were samples of pure wasabi paste given out and this man squirted a small dot of wasabi at the tip of my finger. I tasted the wasabi and it was sooo concentrated that tears started rolling out. It felt like brainfreeze, after drinking cold water for extended periods, but imagine the opposite. At the back of your brain, it started firing up, then to the back of your nose and you could feel your hot breath coming out of it. Thats when i started crying, literally.

After that incident, i wasnt too keen on trying out their wasabi ice-cream, and made a pass on that.

After that enlightening experience, it was another 45 minute journey to the beautiful Lake Ashi, where supposedly you could potentially see a mirror image of Mt Fuji, on a super clear, super calm morning. Lake Ashi was formed when Mt Hakone erupted many years ago, forming a crater. Soon water filled it to become a lake. At lake Ashi, we took a cruise on a pirate ship replica to another area of Lake Ashi.

But sadly, the 10 minute cruise ride yielded us with no Mt Fuji on sight. It was very cloudy that day, and the waters were rough, since it was already in the afternoon. It was quite dissapointing knowing Mt Fuji was very shy to reveal herself on that Afternoon. But stay tuned as the day goes on, to the early evening, we managed to have a peek at the sacred and glorious, snow capped Mt Fuji!

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