X-Pro 3 first impressions!

On the 28th of November, during lunchtime, I received a call from my local camera store. He was calling to inform me that the Fujifilm’s latest camera, the X-Pro 3 has finally arrived. I was super excited. I headed down to the store after work, and collected my camera. What a beauty! I got the... Continue Reading →

Moroccan Adventure Part I: Casablanca

About year and a half ago, my colleagues and I started planning our grand Moroccan adventure. It all started over our usual lunch conversations during work, casually asking each other what our own holiday plans were going to be like in 2019. Then all of a sudden, we started throwing ideas for a holiday together.... Continue Reading →

What I remembered of Tunisia.

About seven years ago I did the unthinkable. I travelled to Tunisia for a 6-week volunteer program. It was 2012 and Tunisia was part of the whole Arab Spring uprising that happened a couple of years before I made my trip there. The country was largely spared from the violence of overthrowing the regime and... Continue Reading →

What happened to my Canon 550D?

Sometime in 2010, I bought my first DSLR, the Canon 550D. I was 23 and in the University at that time. I loved the camera. I had it for 3 or so years before I stopped mentioning about it in my blog. So what happened? My first ever DSLR, the Canon 550D Well, long story... Continue Reading →

Changi Jewel at night

When I first laid my eyes on the world's tallest man-made waterfall at the new extension of the multiple award winning airport, Changi Airport, I was blown away. The greenery all around the majestic waterfall was truly a sight to behold. This nature theme retail space that connects to the major terminals of Changi Airport... Continue Reading →

New domain, new address

I have been blogging for many years now and it wasn’t always on the WordPress platform. I can no longer remember the platform that I was using when I first started blogging. But I remember LiveJournal and Blogspot to be one of the few blogging platforms that I tried. A few years ago, I consolidated... Continue Reading →

I miss Iceland

Two weeks in, and I already miss Iceland. Kirkjufell. One of the most iconic mountain in the Snæfellsnes peninsula. This is taken during the autumn season, where the snow hasn’t really arrive yet, but the chilly winds is enough to chill you to the bones! There is something magical about this island, this country, the... Continue Reading →

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