I miss Iceland

Two weeks in, and I already miss Iceland.

Kirkjufell. One of the most iconic mountain in the Snæfellsnes peninsula. This is taken during the autumn season, where the snow hasn’t really arrive yet, but the chilly winds is enough to chill you to the bones!

There is something magical about this island, this country, the land of Ice and Fire. It’s more than just the beauty this land offers. It’s something raw, more primal. It’s the raw Mother Nature you come face to face while you are there that really pulls you in.

My most favourite shot I have ever taken during my trip to Iceland. Dettifoss waterfall, one of the biggest in Iceland. The fact that you can come to close to the river bank, just before the sheer drop is mind blowing!

Will I go to Iceland for the third time? Definitely! It’s just a matter of when. There is a million things to do, a million places to explore in a totally different season. It’s a country that keeps on giving. And you will never be disappointed.

Gulfoss. I had the opportunity to get close to the waterfall as compared to the winter season when I was there 3 years ago when the slippery snowy pathway made it dangerous to get closer. My life is complete, now that I was able to get close to the edge of the waterfall.
Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park. A nice stroll along a fault line that separates the North American Plate and the Eurasian Plate.
Snæfellsnes peninsula is absolutely beautiful. I personally feel that it is one place most people tend to overlook. For travellers going in the anti-clockwise direction from Reykjavík, most people tend to hurriedly whiz past this place to return to the city after a circuitous route. But if you take time to explore this place, you will be well rewarded.
This lighthouse really adds a dramatic effect on the landscape.
There were a lot less glacier in the autumn then it was during winter. Nevertheless, this little spot is breathtaking. It’s a good place to reflect on the raw beauty of Mother Nature and how fragile it can be from the effects of climate change.
I will never forget the first time I hiked on a glacier. It’s out of this world! Now, fast-forward three years later, I hiked on the same glacier, but with a different guide and it was still out of this world! I believe that for anyone who had the opportunity to hike on a glacier, you will immediately appreciate how vulnerable they are to the effects of climate change. All we need is just a shift in perspective to make us care for the environment just a little bit more. Thanks Aaron for guiding us around!

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