Iceland in Autumn 2019

Road 901. Perhaps the most scenic and beautiful road I have driven in this trip to Iceland. A light winter’s touch topped with a sprinkling of light snow throughout the landscape made this place surreal as if straight out of a fairy tale. Shot on the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

In 2016, I went on an adventure of a lifetime. My friends and I embarked on a road trip to Iceland, in the middle of winter no less.

None of us had any experience with snow or wintry conditions, much less driving in such an environment. It was a perilous journey driving the entire circumference of Iceland. But we saw many things for the first time and it opened up our eyes to the mighty force of nature. I was enthralled. By the end of the trip, Iceland has filled a special place in my heart. I made a secret promise to myself to visit Iceland again in the near future, perhaps in a different season, where the landscape is completely different.

Fast forward 4 years to 2019, and I was back. This time, I embarked on the same journey but with my parents. It was their first time to Iceland and we went during the fall season. Driving without snow on the road was much easier. The weather was more forgiving compared to the full onslaught of winter my friends and I experienced back in 2016.

Everything was different. I barely recognise some of the places that I previously visited. I had the chance to see more things, travel to more places, places that were previously inaccessible due to wintry weather. While the journey was familiar, the memories formed were new. Not once did I get bored during the trip. Iceland truly fills a special place in my heart. Iceland just keeps on giving. It’s a country that really ignites your sense of adventure, your sense of curiosity and your sense of wonderment. Whether you are on foot or behind the wheel, there is always this intense urge to go a little further and see what is behind that next hill, mountain, or ridge. There is no end to satiating your appetite to explore everything Iceland had to offer.

But alas, time is your biggest enemy, there is only so much you can explore and discover with the limited time you have. That is why I am so blessed to be given the opportunity to go back to Iceland after 4 years and experience new things.

Dettifoss. Such a mighty waterfall and the fact that you can walk up so close, right up to the river bank AND the edge of the cliff before the drop was a mind- blowing experience. Dettifoss was something I couldn’t experience back in 2016, but with milder weather, it was accessible this time round. Even then, the road to reach Dettifoss was full of potholes. It was the bumpiest 30 minute drive ever in Iceland. I can see why it is very difficult to reach the waterfall during winter. The road condition to reach Dettifoss is really bad. Shot on the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Overall, my parents enjoyed the trip. I guess there were some parts of the trip that was a little bit too taxing, physically. I wish they could walk a little further, withstand the cold a little bit longer and just appreciate the beauty of Iceland. But I don’t resent them. They experienced more than they initially bargained. After all, Iceland can be an unforgiving place. Unpredictable weather, freezing temperatures, strong winds, all can sap their energy quickly. But I can see that they were willing to push themselves a little bit more so that they can see more of Iceland for my sake.

So will I ever go back to Iceland in the not so distant future? Hell yeah! Third time’s the charm right? But the bigger question is; what am I going to do while I am there for the third time?

Seljalandfoss. It’s a beautiful waterfall, made even more beautiful by the fact that you can walk behind the it. I didn’t had the chance back in 2016 because the trail behind the waterfall was dangerous and slippery. You will get wet, but that is what’s fun about this waterfall. Shot on iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Well, I think that if I were to truly plan my next trip to Iceland in the near future, it will definitely be during the summer season. I will drive less in Iceland and instead focus more on experiencing the beautiful hiking trails around the country. I will like to go for day hikes, see the sights where it is only accessible on foot. And it will be much safer during the summer as there will be more people on the hiking trails.

And I really look forward to the day of going back to Iceland for the third time.

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