I ordered an iPad Air 2019 for my dad.

After weeks of deliberation, I decided to take the plunge and ordered an iPad Air for my dad. I latest generation of iPad Air was just released this year sometime in March. I ordered Amazon US, rather than locally, because I discovered that I can get a better deal overall. Factoring the price of the iPad Air, the accessories that I bought along with it, shipping to Singapore and any prevalent taxes, I still save about $100 overall. That is a pretty decent savings. The accessories I bought were a third-part case for the iPad and a Logitech Keys-to-Go wireless keyboard.

My dad initially expressed his interest in getting the basic iPad version. But after studying his potential use case and the features of the basic iPad, I feel that it is not a good value proposition. The lack of a good and wide third-party keyboard support and the fact that it uses a chip two generations behind, means that he won’t be able to make full use of the device, especially when he plans to use it for many years with no intention of upgrading. Furthermore, this will be the first iPad that he actually owns, so I guess he deserves better.

I don’t usually gift my dad for Father’s day, but this time round, I hope he really makes full use of the device and not let it become a white elephant. I sincerely wants him to use it to learn something new at home or increase his productivity at work.

The only thing I didn’t get for him is the Apple Pencil. He told me he would like to be able to use the pencil to write notes on the iPad be it at home or at work. But I am deeply skeptical about that. I only have the keyboard accessory for my iPad Pro and that is more than sufficient for me. If he really wants to use the Apple Pencil, I guess he will have to get it for himself and spend his own money on it so that he will actually use it and not feel like it is a waste or anything.

Despite the cost savings, it still isn’t cheap especially as a gift. Rarely do I gift someone something that expensive. I had to pay this device through interest-free instalments just to dampen the blow. Just when I thought I paid off the instalment for my current iPad Pro, I now have a new instalment I had to pay off for the next twelve months for another Apple product.

Don’t worry I am not in debt or anything. I am not spending more that I save or tapping into my savings or anything like that. I don’t have outstanding debt of any sorts. I am genuinely willing to spend a little bit more than usual in the hope that he will enjoy the very thing he wished for.

I ordered from Amazon to be shipped to a Vpost warehouse where it will be forward to me in Singapore. It just arrived at the warehouse and I really really hope it arrives here just in time for Father’s Day. Vpost suggested that the package usually arrives from the warehouse in the US to Singapore within 4 to 6 working days. So that could be anytime between this Friday, (which is perfect) to Monday the following week (slightly delayed). I hoping for the former.

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