Assassins Fate: Book III of the Fitz and the Fool Trilogy

The final book in the trilogy that follows the journey and adventure of Fitz and the Fool. I read the second book last year November. Now six months later, I embarking on the third and final book. This 900 page tome will take me a while to read. I am almost half way there.

I remember reading Robin Hobb’s first novel about Fitz. The title of the book was called Assassin’s Apprentice. It was a chance encounter at my local public library. I was only 14 then trying to get into the habit of reading, desperately trying to improve my English for ‘O’ levels in two years time. That was more than 15 years ago, and after 9 books (three separate trilogies) directly related to the adventures of Fitz (I never read any of the related spinoffs books she wrote) I have come to the end. It’s almost amazing that the author has continued to write books about Fitz and his adventures after all these years and that I have faithfully been following her writing and Fitz. Sometimes, picking a new book in the series, feels like meeting an old Friend, and seeing through their eyes all that has happened in their lives after a long hiatus. It’s like meeting them at a bar or a coffee shop listening to them recounting their tales of high adventure.

I am looking forward to the ending and how Fitz’s character will play out in the end.

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