Reading goals for 2019 (New Year Resolutions 2019)

I am an avid reader but not a voracious one. I suffer from episodes of intense reading sessions followed by absolute disgust for books. I go through these cycles several times in a year.

Apart from the magazines and news sources that I subscribe to, I am quite conservative when it comes to deciding just how many books I want to read for the year.

The goals that I have set in recent years have always been to read about 24 books a year. That works out about 2 books a month. Totally achievable. 2018 was different. I was busy with my studies. So I lowered my bar to 16. It’s the final days of 2018 and I am short by one book. And that is ok. I still find reading 16 good books in a year an achievement. Furthermore, I never lose sight of my goals and still kept at it even when the going got tough, juggling work, school and a multitude of things that have happened in my life in 2018.

2019 is the year where I swore to push myself even harder in almost every aspect of my life. 2019 is the year where I will push the envelope, going further, harder, faster and deeper. I am setting my sights higher in every aspect of my New Year Resolutions.

So what is my reading goal for 2019? I have decided to read 30 books in 2019. This is the most ambitious goal I have set for myself when it comes to reading.

Will I be able to reach my goals? As of now, I am pretty confident that I can achieve it, provided that life doesn’t throw a curveball at me.

I am going to do it. This will be set in stone as part of my New Year Resolutions 2019. Soon, I will compile my resolutions into a list so that I can write it in a brand new Moleskin notebook that will serve as a constant reminder whenever I write stuff in the notebook.

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