I got the iPad Pro! (And saying goodbye to my MacBook Pro)

Today, I took a major leap. I took the plunge and went ahead in buying the brand new iPad Pro. I bought the 11 inch, space grey, 256GB model from Challenger along with the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio. I am planning to use this device as my main mobile device. I have already sold my MacBook Pro 13 inch model from 2017 on Carousell for about the same price as the iPad. So it wasn’t really a loss. Although the Smart Keyboard is crazy expensive, but it is essential in ensuring that I remain productive while using the iPad Pro. All in all, I just had to top up just a couple hundred dollars. I don’t see myself using the MBP much, since I have already completed my study. The motive behind getting the iPad Pro is mainly getting a portable device more suited for content consumption and perhaps inspiring me to be creative, now that I have already graduated. I may have plans to get an Apple Pencil to perhaps one day learn how to draw using the iPad.

This morning I went to the store to check out the new iPad Pro. They also had the 12.9 inch version. Both sizes were fantastic looking. I had a pretty hard time choosing between those two. I love sheer size of the 12.9 inch version. Everything is big and immersive, especially when you surf websites filled with beautiful pictures and typography. You feel so much closer to the content that you just don’t get it while using a traditional PC or a notebook. But after comparing both sizes, I had to be practical. The 11 inch is a more suited for someone who carries their iPad along wherever they go. While the weight of the 12.9 inch is not heavy, the 11 inch is definitely more compact.

The keyboard was important for me. It should not be too small for me to type on. I was pleasantly surprised that the key distance between the keys for the 11 inch version was not too near to each other. The overall size is perfect for typing. That seals the deal as I needed both portability, and keyboard ease of us. If it were otherwise, I would have gone for the 12.9 inch version. Plus, its cheaper overall without compromising on performance. Both model carry the same A12X bionic chip, with equally long battery life and identical screen quality and PPI density.

I was glad that the store had available stock for the type and model that I wanted. I plunked down $1688 at the counter and I went straight home to set my iPad up. Setting up was easy, as I set it up as a new device.

The first thing I noticed when I switched on the iPad was how gorgeous the screen is. Apple increased the screen size from 10.5 inch in the previous version to 11 inch by extending the screen to the edge. Though not as extreme as the iPhone X’s screen edge goes, the bezels are noticeably smaller. The curve round edges makes the whole device really slick and refined. It is incredibly thin as well.

Next up was playing music. My god the speakers are a world apart from other mobile devices currently out there. Four stereo speakers, two on each side, the bass is deeper and low frequency sounds just reverberates through the chassis of the iPad. Stereo separation is now better than ever, even on the 11 inch version. It is now a joy to watch and listen on this device. Apple has really done a terrific job in the sound department for the new iPad Pro.

This is the first time actually having an iPad Pro, and the 120 hz screen makes every visual animation smooth and silky. Coupled with an incredibly power processor, snapping between apps is fast and fluid, which makes the fast refresh rate screen really shine.

The Smart Keyboard Folio that I bought together with the iPad was surprisingly comfortable and

tactile. I wasn’t initially a fan of the overall build quality of the keyboard, since the keys are covered in a cloth-like fabric, but the tactile feedback is surprising tight and key travel is better than I expected. The size is perfect, without having any issues pressing the wrong button at the wrong places. I was a little hesitant about getting the 11 inch version precisely because of the overall keyboard size. But after trying out at Challenger store, I was convinced and remained convinced that despite looking small, the size of the keyboard makes it comfortable to type on. The experience of typing on the bigger keyboard attached to the 12.9 inch model offers little differences. You simply have to stretch your fingers a little bit more to reach the keys. It’s still a comfortable keyboard. Anyone with larger hands or longer fingers will appreciate the extra space afforded by the 12.9 inch version.

I haven’t had the chance to test out the camera, but no doubt, it will be as good as the latest iPhones out there right now.

So these are some of my first impressions about the new iPad Pro. I am very excited to explore what I can potentially do with the device in the near future. This iPad Pro is very powerful and no doubt it will last me for a very long time. I am very optimistic about the long battery life that Apple has touted it to be. I will look forward in using this device for hours on end, watching movies, Netflix, YouTube, typing documents and just surfing the web.

As for AppleCare+ I have 60 days to decide before getting one. At this point of time, I am leaning toward getting AppleCare+ for the iPad Pro. I will be using this device for a long time to come and the accidental repair cost (up to 2 instances) costs $68, instead of a potential out-of- warranty repair cost of $888. I think the cost of the AppleCare+ is $168, which is relatively cheap as compared to one that covers accidental damages for the iPhone X series of phones.

I will be giving additional updates as I go along, using this device.

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