Trying out the new Gutenberg.

According to WordPress, the Gutenberg aims to create a more feature rich WordPress blog. Right now as I am seeing it, the user interface looks totally different, one that requires a little bit of getting used it. It actually reminded me of WIX web builder.

So back to the topic at hand: Should I get the new iPad Pro?

And if so?

What size should I get?

The 11 inch or the 12.9 inch? 

For the past couple of days, since the announcement of the new iPad, I have been contemplating on whether to sell my current 13 inch MacBook Pro. My studies have reached the end. I will no longer be attending classes or doing any assignments. I am even terminating my Office subscriptions. I am not sure if this is a wise decision, but my main motivating factor of selling my notebook is the possibility of doing interesting things and maybe pick up a skill or two while using the iPad. The versatility of the iPad, coupled with amazing apps, I could possibly pick up drawing skills, language skills or just about anything to improve myself and learn something. Now that I have more time, I’d like to explore that possibility. It’s a bold step, especially when I have grown so used to the Mac ecosystem with the MacBook Pro at its center. Will I use the iPad for years to come, or will it become a white elephant in the room?

The real possibility that iPad could just become a white elephant in the room. Unused, unloved, a waste of money in the end. 

To prevent that, I will need accessories. An Apple Smart Keyboard is important, as it will be my main portable device and it is a form of input that I’m quite familiar with. I am on the fence with the Apple Pencil, since I am not an artist. But then, not getting the Apple Pencil just defeats the purpose of getting the iPad. Didn’t I just tell myself, that the main purpose of the iPad is to improve myself by learning new skills? And isn’t drawing a skill that is legitimately made possible by the iPad?

And then there is the matter of size. 12.9 inch looks awesome and will feel just like home since I am so used to the 13 inch MacBook Pro. But bringing it out in the public will make me feel like an obnoxious person.

“Hey look at me! I got a giant iPad and I am using it to play Candy Crush!”

The 11 inch screen would be perfect to bring it out, but will it be a downgrade in terms of real screen estate and productivity? I still would very much like the extra screen to typing and writing stuff, hence the priority of getting the Smart Keyboard over the Apple Pencil. And all these accessories

cost money!

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