Inflection point

The past couple of months, I have been to a number of housewarming visits, house parties and board gaming sessions with my friends and colleagues. All of them are married and have an apartment where they can truly call their own and to come home to. Recently, I have this strange urge, to move out of my parents house and buy my own apartment, a place where I can truly feel at home, a home where I can be proud of owning.

But I am 30 years old, single and finding a partner has never been at the top of my list. Right now my focus is on school work, graduating on time at the end of this year. On top of that, there is work, in which I have felt pretty uninspired lately, 4 years have passed and no prospects of a promotion (if that even matters much at all, but still, makes me wonder my true worth at my workplace). My days are numbered there. I am just hunkering down, waiting for the day when I complete my Master’s degree and then I can move on.

So, finding a partner. Not something I am actively pursuing. Which means that getting a flat would have to wait till I am 35. That is five years from now. Not that long I suppose. Which means that I can start laying the foundations, financially, and psychologically today so that I can prepare myself to move out when I hit 35. It’s gonna be a big move. A new phase in life, matter a little late, but rules are rules, getting a HDB flat as a single, you need to wait till you are 35. I guess I don’t mind. Like I say, I can start a 5 year roadmap on top of my annual New Year’s Resolutions to prepare when the time comes. Graduate by 2018, I will be 31 this year. Get a new job at 2019, 32. That leaves me with 3 years to slug it out, work hard and save as much as I can before the big three five.

My mind has been distracted with the thought of moving out even though I cant right now. My mind drifts whenever I am idling about the prospects of owning my own home. Thinking about how it would look like, where it would be. Hell, I have even been googling for interior design inspirations on Google and Pinterest for my ‘home’ 5 years from now.

Lately, I have even seriously considered imposing a self ‘ban’ or ‘moratorium’ on sprucing up my room to make that little tiny space to call my own, my sanctuary. The whole room revamp is done anyway. I love it and I am proud to have invested time (and money) to look and feel as exactly what I wanted it to be. To be comfortable in my own room. Now, its all about saving money. No more major upgrades, furniture or gadget purchases (which includes computer upgrades, my new AMD system is the only computer system I will own till I get my own place) from now till I am 35. I need that money saved for my new house. The downpayment, the renovation, the furniture and electrical appliances in the kitchen and many other things that requires a lot of money upfront.

A 3 room flat for a single person like me would be perfect. Not too big, not too small. I can only buy a resale flat. Perhaps I will get the new generation 3 room flat. I love the layout. The only thing next is location. Unless there is a financial windfall that I am going to experience in the years ahead, HDB will have to do.

5 years. A lot of things can happen during that time. Yet I need to prepare. Number 1 priority is money. I need to cut down on my spending for the next 5 years. The house is the goal, the journey, a good paying job.

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