JBL Bar Studio

I was walking around town yesterday when I saw an event hall selling consumer electronics like headphones, speakers, powerbanks, and sound bars. In particular sound bars from JBL. They were selling at an offer price and I was intrigued by what they had on sale. I came across the entire line of JBL sound bars, from the 2.0 setups to the full 5.1 audio setups with discreet subwoofers.


I got myself the JBL Bar Studio for my TV setup in my room. As you know, I recently for a 49inch 4K TV from Sony for my room. That was the last piece of major electronics I got to complete my room revamp that took place over several months since the end of 2017. Ever since I got that, I had to contend with crappy TV audio for all my video and Netflix fix. I couldn’t find a decent soundbar that is perfect for a room set up, yet does not cost an arm and a leg to get one. I just wanted a simple sound bar that would enhance the TV audio that I am currently experiencing. I was not looking for a set up that would blow my mind (or my room windows with a kW powered speakers).

JBL Bar Studio was perfect. It features a single soundbar. That’s it. Just what I needed. And for S$250, its a pretty sweet deal considering the sound quality that comes out from theĀ  sound bar. I mean, its JBL, it has to be good. The JBL Bar Studio is not earthshattering. Bass is good, punchy, but could be better if it can go lower in terms of frequency. Still, my aim of getting a sound bar was simply to enhance the TV audio, get a little more clarity, loudness and punchiness, especially when it comes to action scenes. The JBL Bar Studio served its functions terrifically.

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