My first ever mechanical keyboard

For quite a while, I don’t really understand why is there a need to get a mechanical keyboard. Sure, it does feel different, but to pay a high premium over standard membrane keyboard just to type comfortably, seems like a waste of money. Afterall, isn’t the layout o the keyboard more important and bigger factor when it comes to typing comfortably? People’s hands comes in different shapes and sizes. I initially thought you need to find right sized keyboard for your hands and you can call it a day.

I guess I have to retract my statement. Because mechanical keyboards feel so damn awesome!


I am quite price sensitive when it comes to buying a mechanical keyboards. I have put it off for a very long time now partly because most of the mechanical keyboards from big major brands, especially those touted as mechanical gaming keyboards are just super expensive. And the way they market the keyboard often times feel extremely gimmicky. At the end of the day, when buying those mechanical keyboards from them, you paying for the brand and features marketed to you, that may or may not be useful at the end of the day.

What I precisely wanted, was a cheap, decent mechanical keyboard without the baggage of marketing stuck to it.

So recently, I delved deep in to the world of mechanical keyboard. It wasn’t so much as educating myself about the different types of mechanical switches, its pros and cons or where it was produced. What I wanted to know was what other keyboard manufacturers are out there that can offer a similar product for a fraction of the cost.

It wasn’t very difficult doing my research. There were tons of keyboard enthusiasts out there on the internet. All I had to do was to follow their forums, threads and conversations online and see what keyboards others were reccomending outside of the usual gaming brands that I am already familiar with.

The keyboard shown above is the Ajazz AK33 keyboard. Two weeks ago I had no idea such a brand exist. Now, it is right here on my desk, and I must say, I have fallen in love with this keyboard. Typing is such a breeze! The keyboard uses Zorro blue switches. I have little to no idea what that means actually, other than the fact that pressing the keycaps feels smooth, and it isn’t as noisy as I initially expected. The only noise is the keycaps hitting on the aluminium base of the keyboard, which I am totally digging. Producing the sound a mechnical keyboard without sounding too annoying (afterall, I like to enjoy my music while doing work without being too distracted by my typing.

The keyboard costs SGD68, which to me, is still expensive for a keyboard (I would never pay more than 60 bucks for a decent keyboard) but I was willing to take a chance at it and make my purchase anyway.

Boy was it love at first sight! The RGB LED is just gorgeous! Its bright, vibrant and im totally loving the fact that there are dozens of RGB effects in which I can cycle through! Pressing the Fn+F8 allows me to cycle through the effects and you can even change up to 7 different colours (in addition to rainbow effects) on almost all of the RGB effects! That alone amounts to hundreds of combination or effect you can choose from!

The keyboard is a tenkeyless design meaning it doesnt have the number pad. This makes for a smaller and more compact keyboard suitable for having a minimalistic design on your desktop.

Now the only thing left is the Satechi Mat and Mate, which is basically a long mousepad to put underneath the keyboard and mouse. Once that arrives sometime next week, my room revamp will finally be complete!


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