My first impressions of Dell U2717D monitor.


I purchase a new Dell monitor, a 27 inch U2717D as part of my room revamp. I previously had a full HD TV that I used to connect with my PC and for my usual gaming needs. Now that I have transformed part of my room to a desktop set up, I had to get myself a brand new computer monitor.

I have always been fans of Dell monitors. They are well built, uses high-quality panels and their patented tilt, swivel and height adjustment stand makes it one of the most flexible monitors on the market. Their design is a no-nonsense, simplistic design and doesn’t really distract you from the main feature; the screen. Unlike other monitors, especially the gaming monitors with its aggressive colour and design, Dell monitors design ethos are more subdued, suitable for any type of use, from professional office use to gaming.

I got myself the U2717D which is the recent 2017 model. At QHD resolution, that is, 2560 x 1440p resolution, this is a step up from the usual 1080p models. It’s screen real estate is 27inch, which, personally is the perfect size of 1440p resolution. The texts that I see on the screen is significantly sharper than a similarly sized 1080p monitor. Overall, reading text on the screen on the new Dell monitor is easy on the eyes.

As for colour reproduction, Dell Ultrasharp monitors are known for its colour accuracy, suitable for semi-professional users. I have no complaints when it comes to colour and contrast, after all, it is an IPS panel. IPS ‘glow’ is there, although not as obvious, and my monitor has minimal backlight bleed or backlight inconsistency on the panel, which is a good thing.

One thing that I am most impressed about is the ultra thin bezels around the edge, even at the bottom where typically the Dell logo would be located. In the U2717D monitor, even the Dell logo is shrunken so that the width of the bezels are consistent on all four sides. And it is super thin, one of the thinnest I have ever owned.

My rig is primarily used for gaming. Although I might have gotten a monitor with GSync or FreeSync, high refresh rate monitor for my gaming needs, I realized that I don’t actually need them. First of all, I am not playing competitive e-sports, and that includes first paced shooters or other twitchy games. So the need to get a high refresh rate monitor is personally a waste of money. Having a decent monitor with the 60hz refresh rate that primarily focuses on colour accuracy is my main priority when it comes to deciding the ideal monitor for my set up and usage.


This monitor is beautiful. Having a monitor with an ultra thin bezel makes the monitor the central piece in any desktop set up. The screen just draws you in and before you know it, you become completely immerse in it.

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