Perth trip was amazing

Phuket. Now Perth. Second holiday of the year and it was an amazing trip. Despite the fact that I have been to Perth, many many years ago, the city still gave me pleasant surprises throughout my trip there. Fremantle Market is still a joy to visit, and the 3 hour drive to The Pinnacles reminded me of my recent road trip to New Zealand. I get to experience a glimpse of the Australian Outback, and even saw a poor little kangaroo served up as roadkill while on the way to The Pinnacles. I was never there on my last trip, so heading there was something new to me. Of course, throughout the journey, we stopped at several towns large and small, and all of our stopovers were an amazing sight to visit. The great Indian Ocean, always looking on the west as we drive up the coast to our destination. Always majestic, always blue, always tempted to run to it and have a dip into the ocean. But it was too cold for us. It was winter in Perth. And although it didn’t reach freezing temperature as most winters do in other parts of the world, the gusty winds from the ocean sweeping up to the inner landscape of Australia felt like we were in the cold icy tundra. Despite all that, it was still a sight to behold. Towering waves crashing to shore, perfect for surfing, which would make perfect sense during the warm summer months, when locals and tourists would flock to these small towns and catch the best waves the ocean has to offer. I can imagine the populations of those small towns swelling up in numbers enjoying the sun, sand and sea.

The hospitality and people of Perth is nothing short of amazing. And because of that the city holds a special place in my heart. Being back the second time, somehow made me feel, for a short while, like a home away from home. The familiar and the strange intermingle with my experiences and memories of that place, allowing me to feel like a foreigner, as well as a local at the same time. If I would ever come back to this wonderful city again, Perth would no longer be a strange place to me.

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