Nexus 7 impressions


I have been using my new nexus 7 tablet and I must that I’m impressed. The screen is absolutely gorgeous and its perfect for watching your favorite TV shows or movies. After all, that has always been the main purpose of  buying the nexus 7 tablet. It is small enough to hold and grip with one hand, making reading or watching stuff while commuting much easier and convenient, yet cheap and powerful enough to use as a consumption device to check your social media feeds and news apps like flipboard, feedly, and many more.

In fact the more I use it, the more convinced I became that the 7 inch form factor is great for watching movies. It’s not too big and clunky to hold the tablet while watching, yet not too small to lose your sense of immersion I’m whatever it is that you are watching on the screen. I did notice the tablet as being too heavy or too small that it tires my eye easily. In fact today, I just finished watching  full movie and noticed that the beautiful screen and its size is comfortable enough to hold in your hand and immerse yourself in the movie with minimal distraction .

For my current needs, I am happy that I made the right decision in getting this tablet.

There are certain downsides though. For one, although Google play store has an insane amount of apps out there, the commonly used and popular ones are far more superior on the iOS ecosystem and on the ipad. Although the apps are by no means ugly or clunky on android, it is the little things that makes all the difference. A split second of extra lag while scrolling, the differences in navigating the menus and interface using the touchscreen are subtly different compared to the apps made for the ios. These little differences are what gives the android a distinct disadvantage compared to the ios .
Nonetheless, the tablet is a fairly powerful machine, and it feels snappy and responsive in most aspects, which is a joy to use. That being said, the pricepoint is the most attractive feature by far. Bought from Amazon, I got this 32gb version at only $310. Buying locally could easily fetch out upwards of $450. With free shipping, its a steal. Compared to buying a 16gb iPad mini with retina display which costs $548, you are talking about $238 difference in price.

No doubt the iPad is the most popular tablet out there, and if its cheaper I would have bought it without hesitation. But when my needs of a tablet are simply yo watch stuff and check my news and social media feeds, it is hard to ignore the price of the nexus 7. Furthermore, after doing a certain amount of research, it’s been known that the nexus 7 tablet is the best reviewed android tablet out on the market right now.

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