iPhone, an integral part of my life

Ever since I bought the iPhone 5S, I have been using more apps and on a more frequent basis than ever before. The latest iPhone is snappy. It’s fast and the new revamp user interfaces on a variety of apps that I currently use is so much cleaner, and simpler to use. Now, using various apps on my iPhone is such a joy. Coupled with its powerful processor, every app that I use is a snappy and fast.

This has led to me using a greater number of apps on my iPhone on a regular basis than ever before. Previously, my main uses on my iPhone would be to make calls, send text messages, surf occasionally and visit social media websites using their respective apps. Now, on top of the usual apps that I use on a daily basis like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I use it to read news via the various news app, save news on Pocket, track my running using RunKeeper, read books in Kindle, occasionally play games and more. It seems that I have integrated a larger aspect of my daily life to my iPhone. I once used to consume news on my notebook, but now I just reach for my iPhone to scrolls through the various news feeds that I subscribe to on Feedly, share articles to Facebook, like Instagram photos, save long form articles on Pocket for later reads, and track my running regime using Runkeeper. Everything that I currently need, is available on the iPhone and it performed just as well when I used my conventional notebook to do the exact same task.

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