Gotta have roots, before branches.

This week marks the final episode of Glee’s season 4 run. It couldn’t have come at a better timing, just is time for the release of the results, and for the seniors, the official confirmation that they have graduated from school. Seeing some of my friends (seniors) graduate, is like a sneak preview to a door that I would soon be facing. A door to a new chapter in life. This parallels with Glee’s overall message in this week’s episode.

Change is tough. None is more evident that the prospect of university graduation, where the world awaits. It is even more scary for someone who is not used to venturing out or not sure of the path he or she would be taking. Their hopes, dreams, all lie before them. It’s not a matter of finding them and achieving those dreams. But along the way, the most difficult question usually comes unanswered; what are the sacrifices that you have made or are going to make in the future to achieve those dreams. What are some of the painful decisions you have to make to reach them?

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