The benefits of lemongrass

There are so many essential oils out there on the market, each catering to benefit you in many ways depending on which oil you choose. I choose lemongrass essential oil. I have been using lemongrass as my choice of essential oil as aromatherapy in my room. I have been using it regularly and one of the biggest benefits it gives me is this;

getting rid of pests, such as ants and mosquitoes. Ever since I started regularly burning lemongrass essential oil, I noticed that there weren’t any more ants crawling on the floor of my room or on my desk. Even mosquito bites are a rare thing. When I looked up at the benefits of lemongrass essential oils, I found this:

You can add insect repellant and anti-fungal agent to the list of lemongrass essential oil properties. For some reason, pesky critters like biting flies, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks do not like the smell of lemongrass and will avoid it. And because of the antifungal lemongrass essential oil properties, athlete’s foot can be treated and even dandruff, which is sometimes caused by a type of fungus.

So my advice to you guys who suffer from ants invading your room, or mosquito buzzing around. If you don’t want those harmful chemicals, sprays or fumes from the smoke of mosquito coils, you can always choose the natural route by burning lemon grass essential oil in your room. Alternatively, you can use it in your dehumidifier if you have one or burn a candle every now and then that infused with lemongrass. Try to go the natural way instead of spraying insecticides or burning mosquito coils in your room.

Burning lemongrass essential oil has added benefits to your mental well-being:

The light citrus scent is a great relaxing agent and acts as a type of tranquilizer tamping down on stress, anxiety and even depression. A massage using lemongrass essential oil can be very therapeutic and calming for a tired body with aching muscles.

School is stressful at times. So it is a perfect way to de-stress when you get home. While revising, burn a little bit of lemongrass to clear your head, lower your anxiety and boost concentration. It is also a mood uplifter and I noticed a slight improvement in my mood while I go through my day. I plan to reflect and reevaluate on the effectiveness of lemongrass as a personal note in a month or so to see if it benefits me in the longer term. But for now, I highly recommend those who suffer from pesky pests and insects lurking in your room to clear them out the natural way using lemongrass essential oil.

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