What would my perfect morning resemble?


I was reading this post on another blog, encouraging us to describe our perfect day. While there is no such thing as a perfect day, but at least there are good days that you have encountered. Just imagine, combining all the good mornings, afternoons and evenings on a single day and you will get a perfect day.My perfect day would be for me to wake around 8 to 9am, without feeling tired or forced to wake up by the alarm bells ringing. It would be a natural rise to wakefulness with the fatigue and tiredness of yesterday simply gone. In other words I would have ample sleep the night before.

It would definitely be on a weekend, where I can spend the entire day without any busy schedules ahead. I would take a shower, brush my teeth and etc. Then I would pour myself a fresh cup of mango juice. My favourite. I would have switched on my computer by then. I would sit down in front of the computer, and sift through any outstanding mail and newsfeed that I subscribe to to keep up with the latest in the topics that interest me. All the while sipping my mango juice. It wouldnt take long.

By then, my stomach would have woken up and I would feel the hunger of last night’s fast. I would let my computer to sleep, while I head down to Ya Kun Kaya toast. The perfect breakfast on a weekend. I would head out to my nearby outlet. It would be perfect if its not crowded. Even more perfect if its sunny, but not too hot. Maybe it rained last night and the chill still lingers. I would order Set A, Kaya bread with half-boiled egg and a cup of coffee. I would eat my breakfast in peace. I like my mornings to be peaceful. At least an hour after I woken up. No talking. Solitude. A great way for me to settle my thoughts and get ready for the day. Think of it as meditation on the go. I can do other stuff, but I am never in the mood to talk much to anybody till I have my breakfast.

I would hang around a little while longer. By then, if a close old friend of mine were to do the same thing, I would be delighted. I would invite him to my table, strike up a conversation and just chat and catch up with each other throughout the whole morning. Hanging out with an old friend who is still close to you would really make my day. We would reminiscence, talk about life, the future, update each other what we are both doing now, talk about things of common interests. Interests that made us good friends in the first place, interests that never changed throughout all these years.

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