Taking the plunge.

The new semester has just begun, and already I am feeling the stress of studies. To make matters worse, I have been mulling over the decision on whether I should join the SBS 10th Main Committee for a position in PnP. I have talked to various people within the old committee to seek advice. I even talked to my friends about it and asked them of their opinions, suggestions, seeking their support. For nearly 2 weeks I was tortured by the decision that I have to make by next week. Should I join the Main Committee this year? Am I able to make that commitment? Am I able to balance my studies with the commitments of the club? I love doing what I have been doing currently for the club. Taking photos, making videos, helping them out promote events and stuff that they organised for the school. It gives me a means of escape from the drudges of school work. The required level of creativity needed for the position is my means of escape, as it allows me to express my thoughts and feelings in a productive manner. At the same time I can contribute positively to the school and those around me.

So am I gonna make the final plunge? Am I game for it? I still dunno.

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