2019: A year of gratitude

2019 has been a pretty good year for me. January First, I am grateful to have finally completed my studies in NUS. I enrolled in a part-time Masters course in Science Communication. The Masters degree is a joint Masters degree with The Australian National University (ANU). After two years of slugging it out, studying and... Continue Reading →

Officially ORD

I collected my pink IC on Friday. I have officially ORDed. Although the exact date falls on a Sunday (14 July), I got the chance to do the necessary paperwork to declare the end of my National Service, a total of two years. The collection of my pink IC signified that I am no longer... Continue Reading →

Paralysis without my iphone

Ok, the title may seem exaggerated, but I am pretty sure that there are millions out there who, without their phones close by, they will immediately feel uncomfortable. Numerous studies have shown that in this modern day of ultra-connectivity, we can't seem to get by our daily life without at least a small dose of... Continue Reading →

Marina Bay walk

I was trying a new photography technique this evening and I went to Marina Bay to try it out. I took a lot of bad photos mainly I still haven't got the technique right. What I wanted to do was to do some creative 'bokeh' shots with my newly purchased 50mm f1.8 lens. But the... Continue Reading →

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