And so begins the summer holidays.

To mention that this is an excruciatingly tough semester, is an understatement. Having gone through 2 of the toughest and most hated modules, Advanced Biochemistry and Biophysics, I’m glad that this semester is over.

Whether I did well or not, remains to be seen. Results will be out on the 9th of June. Personally, this semester, im not expecting much, in fact, in such a watershed semester, this could be a make or break for me. Here is why.

My current GPA standing is 3.99. I’m 0.01 points short from getting a second class upper honors. To maintain a 4 and above, I would need to get at least a B+ in all my modules, and that is a fair challenge for me. Having said that, this semester’s module hasnt exactly worked in my favour. They are tough and I seriously think that I may not be able to pull my self through that threshold. If I did not cross over that 4 point mark, I may not have the motivation to study really hard to claw my way back to my target. I will  be starting the next semester as a year 3 student. I dont have many semesters left to work my way up and the modules im taking are increasingly getting more difficult. On the other hand, if i manage to do well, I would be extremely grateful for it and I would certainly work really hard to maintain my grade. I now have to leave all these to fate, as the exams are over and it is extremely difficult to predict the outcome.

Right now, I just wanna enjoy my well deserved holidays in peace. I need the time to recharge myself before embarking on another year of crazy rollercoaster ups and downs called school life.

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