First of four has arrived!

The first of four posters have arrived and i got it all cheap on ebay!

I was actually very skeptical when i bought this silk cloth poster. I need to find a way to spruce things up a little on my bedroom wall and was browsing for some really nice posters that i could hang it up on the wall. Movie posters are nice but what i was actually looking for were video game posters. I’m a huge fan of some of the video games that I have played in the last 5 years or so and i thought to myself, what better way to remind myself of all the great games that i played by buying posters?

The tricky part is that it is actually quite difficult to procure good original posters of video games. Some of the franchise don’t even sell official merchandise and the ones that do, aren’t really appealing and they are just too expensive to ship it to Singapore. The only video game that I loved that do sell original prints are those from Bioware, makers of Mass Effect 2. That game was a great game and I really like the story a lot. I got 2 art prints from them with another two on the way. They are shown below.

These two prints deserve their own framing because firstly, they are limited edition, and secondly, they are printed on high quality glossy paper, which needs some level of preservation. Besides once I hung up on the wall, it looks terrific. The wooden frames were from Ikea and doesn’t costs much. I specifically chose these two characters out of the available five that are available, because these two are my favorite.

I have 2 more on the way, which I will reveal when it arrives. They are also from Mass Effect 2 and it will also be framed up.

So for Uncharted 2. I decided not to frame it up because firstly, they arent original. I bought it from Ebay and I wasnt sure if the quality were up to standard. After all, these are not official merchandises and the images are simply taken from the web, blown it up, printed on the cloth and shipped throughout the world for moronic people like me to buy and decorate the room. Upon arrival however, the quality was better than I expected. Though the print quality is not that great, partly due to the fact that it’s printed on silk cloth, which makes ink penetration and colour accuracy a little off, but still it’s a cheap and great way to decorate someone’s room.

I bought the poster at USD4.50 with free shipping. It comes with a dimension of 21 inches by 13 inches, which in my opinion a little small, but it is great because now I can flood my entire wall with such posters. USD4.50 is a steal and I have bought 3 more to fill up the wall. They are from the Killzone, Deadspace and Assassin’s Creed franchise. though I’m not a fan of Deadspace, but Isaac Clarke is such a badass, that he deserves a spot on my my wall. I shall reveal the designs when they arrive as well. For now I am truly happy with the purchase. It suddenly gave my a good excuse to start filling my walls with all these cheap and fairly presentable posters. I dont intend to frame it up because if I were to do it, then the frame would cost more than the poster itself, which i dont find it economical at all. Furthermore, I see myself buying more of these stuff as they come along, and I would see myself rotating the posters every now and then to keep the walls “fresh”.

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