Sedentary Lifestyle

I’ve noticed that im starting to live a sedentary lifestyle. Every weekend, im just not that active anymore. All i want is to stay at home and just surf the net or watch my tv or movies that i downloaded. No longer do i go out and have fun at the beach, or the outdoors or anywhere else. Its becoming a habit that i wish not to adopt.

I dunno why, but i feel very sluggish during the weekend. Despite the fact that i slug it out during the weekdays, doing my work intently. Weekdays can be hell. Its packed full of stuff to do, and my work is never ending. That could probably the reason why i feel so sluggish and lazy at the end of the week. Perhaps the need to be alone sometimes after dealing with so many people during the weekdays. Sucky feeling, i hate it.

I just feel like dont have th energy to sustain during the weekend to do the things i like to do, and this lazy and nonchalant attitude is pissing me off. My course starts in a month’s time and i need to tell myself to be active and to do things that i have not done before. To seize the opportunity to try out new stuff, take on challenges and truly live life to the fullest like never before. TO CHANGE MY LIFE. I cant let my 4 years go down the drain. I cant just concentrate on my studies alone. Ill go mad! I need to go out more often, i really do!


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