Missing my Ipod

So here it is, after so many years, i  finally lost something valuable. Out of sheer complacency on my part, i lost my ipod. Thats it, simple as that, losing my ipod. Some bastard must have stolen from my bunk, which, much to my demise, was scantily secured. Thinking that no one would ever come in my bunk without any good reason AND at the same time, leave with something valuable, i have become complacent. Id never thought that id lose something in camp, as heard and experienced by many who lost their phones, psps, wallets, shampoos, soaps etc.



Now, im musicless, i have nothing in which to listen to music and get my daily dose of music medicine. I find it kinda sad to lose. Its soo easy to become complacent. Being the only one staying in the bunk, having something stolen from you is the last thing youd think off. On top of that, my bunk is along the specialist corridor, a series of small bunks like mine, where the specialists, and clerks stay, peeps, whom im good friends with.

With that being said, i  have learned my lesson. I bought a super big lock to lock up my cupboard when im out of my bunk and im gonna get a new ipod soon, hopefully next month when i have enough cash to get myself the ipod touch. I have been eyeing that model for quite a while now and i think im gonna set my mind to getting it. Most likely, ill get the 16GB variant and i love the cool features such as being able to download new apps, surf the net, on top of listening to music and watching videos. Now, its becoming more multimedia. and i can finally catch up watching my favourite tv series, animes and all those movie clips stored in my computer.

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