Grand Theft Auto IV.

It would no doubt be the biggest release in gaming history. Slated for 29th April release worldwide for both the PS3 and Xbox 360, anticipation have been running high and the amount of media coverage is running at feverish levels never seen in a long while.

Ive already decided to get my copy for the PS3 version on the 30th, after i get my pay of course. I think this is gonna be the THE game of the year hands down. Superb visuals, believable characters, compelling story, amazing game mechanics, its the perfect recipe for constructing sandbox type video games. Rockstar has once again outdone themselves. Years of hard work have been paid off and its a given that they would be raking in revenues at astronomical levels (USD400 million projected revenue on the first week alone.)

ive been keeping track of the media about the game and also So far both its been perfect-score reviews in almost every review done by video game magazines and internet websites.

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  1. my brother just got the game, the x-box 360 version, and I just found it wonderful, really, it’s almost near perfection! But now it wont be the same thing to play the other ones, I wont stop comparing them =/

  2. mdjasrie, I was just curious, I’m not very familiar with the educational system there in Singapore, could you explain a few things to me, i’m kinda confused… You finished high school and you’re majoring a degree at the university, rigth? Or you’re studying other things before getting to the university? couldn’t get it clearly from your post xD bye

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