Nintendo DS celebrity ads

Right now im really psyche about the Nintendo DS and the buzz that has been generating for the past 2 years of so. I was browsing through youtube and decided to do a little investigation. I wanted to know the celebrities around the world that have been advertising for the Nintendo DS. Here are a few:

First off we have Nanako Matsushima, an actress that acted in the popular japanese horror flick, The Ring. She was also the highest paid actor when she acted in Great Teacher Onizuka. She represented the commercial for the Japanese market.

Next we have Sawai Miyuu, another rather popular actress who acted in Pretty Guardian Sailormoon TV show, and also voiced in Fullmetal Alchemist: Conquerer of Shamballa. She also represented the commercial for the Japanese market

We then have Jang Dong-Gun, and actor and musician, promoting English Training and Brain Age for the South Korean Market.

Opps, i forgot, another celebrity from Japan, but this is totally different! He is a real attorney, Kazuya Maruyama! And a popular one in Japan as well, being a celebrity appearing in Japanese talk shows offering council to citizens on interpreting the legal code. Naturally, he is promoting Ace Attorney.

And Nintendo has also snagged one of the biggest celebrities in Japan. Utada Hikaru!!! All her ads are featured in one neat video.

On the western front, you have the latest ad for Nintendo DS, promoting the upcoming Brain Age 2 in the UK. None other than Nicole Kidman, promoting the product itself! Pretty impressive!

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