Afternoon showers are no fun!

Supposed to go swimming today, but weather wasnt very good in the afternoon, so like most afternoons, my plans were changed again and again. If i must complain something about singapore, it would be the weather. Hot sweltering on most days, humid everyday, with unpredictable showers all year round. If there is something that i would see a change in Singapore, it would definitely be the weather. But Mother Nature isnt something you could go against, and even after living here for all my life, it never makes me stop complaining about it every now and then.

I wouldnt complain too much on the hot sweltering part, but the unpredictable showers part. Totally ruins your day sometimes, and thats a rant.

So i stayed at home and played my psp for a little. Played this game that i downloaded off the nett, called Puzzle Quest. Its a game that i downloaded a long time ago, but never actually tried playing it till yesterday. It was good actually, a very simple Japanese type RPG game, molded on the likes of Bejeweled. You play a role of a character like all RPG games, but the battles are different from your standard point and click, or stats driven, turn based battles. Instead, you pit yourselves against the enemy by playing something like Bejeweled, lining up colored gems in a sequence to remove them off the grid. Except that this version is on steroids. It has application and relation to gathering experience pts, gold and mana based on what colored gems you remove off as well as damaging your opponents.

So i played and advanced deeper into the game and it became so much harder till it becomes frustrating! I dunno if it was me lacking in IQ or the bugging feeling that the game is cheating by making moves that is beyond comprehension of a normal human being. I stopped playing after an hour.

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