Oops I did again! iPad Pro 12.9 inch 5th Generation

So I did it again, as it has always been with Apple products. I just cannot resist the temptation to pull the trigger and make the upgrade, despite not needing the upgrade.

Defying all logic, I opened the Apple Store app on my iPhone on a fine Friday morning, while sipping my coffee, just before heading off to work, to satisfy my curiosity, and wonder if, by any chance, I could snag a brand new iPad Pro 12.9 inch model on launch day and collect it at an Apple Store nearby.

Lo and behold! I had a slot! There were stocks on launch day for collection at the Apple Store. The temptation was just too great. I remembered hesitating for a while. But logic and reasons were not defending me from tapping on that ‘buy’ button.

It was too late when I finally realised what just happened. The transaction went through, and $1799 was immediately charged to my credit card. Ouch!

To make up for the loss, I immediately took photos of my older iPad Pro and posted them online on Carousell, hoping to sell at a reasonable price. I managed to sell it to someone for $1150, not too shabby considering that I could go higher based on the current market price out there for a second-hand iPad Pro. But I wasn’t keen in spending time and negotiating hard for the best price. All I wanted was a fast deal, so that I could offload the older model and enjoy the newer one right away (I don’t like keeping gadgets that I know I won’t be using anymore) In the end, $1800-$1150 = $650 premium to enjoy the latest and greatest. It’s not cheap to be keep up with the latest, but it ain’t too shabby, considering that Apple products really do hold their value over time (if you take care of it properly).

So as you guys are reading this, and you may have probably guessed it by now, this post was entire written and typed on my new iPad Pro using the Smart Keyboard Folio. I decided not to get the Magic Keyboard because firstly, I still find it terribly expensive for a keyboard. I don’t care whether my iPad Pro will be floating or not when attached to the Magic Keyboard, but it is waaay overpriced (see, I still have some sense in distinguishing Apple products that are worth getting and those that are just daylight robbery if you buy them).

Despite a slight increase in thickness in the new iPad Pro, it still fits snugly on my Smart Keyboard Folio, so no issues with fitting. In fact, it actually fits better in my opinion, since my Keyboard Folio has kinda loosened a little bit over time due to wear and tear. So fitting the new iPad Pro to the old Smart Keyboard Folio feels like new all over again.

I will give my initial impression soon. What I can say now is that after watching an episode of “For All Mankind” from Apple TV on HDR, the screen is just gorgeous. I never thought that I could see a vast difference in screen quality between different generations of the iPad Pro, but the new one with its mini LED display technology just takes the cake. More on that soon!

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