Me upgrading to the iPhone 12 Pro Max is now a near certainty

So today is when the embargo lifts for the reviews of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. And already the standout features that I am most interested is, especially coming from the iPhone 12 Pro are the improved camera capabilities. Reviewers are raving about how good the camera systems work at both the software and hardware level, making improvements to image quality and low light capabilities.

But the iPhone 12 Pro Max has an even better camera system, something reviewers on YouTube have not been able to test it out yet because the 12 Pro Max will only be available on the 6th November pre-order with delivery to customers’ hands about a week later. So until then, I can only infer the capabilities of the cameras based on the current reviews of the iPhone 12 Pro model.

But despite all these, after watching the unboxing videos, first impression and the technical capabilities of the phone, it is very likely that I getting the new iPhone 12 Pro Max. I am just so smitten with what the camera can do. Imagine all the nice photos I can take once I am able to travel again!

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