New York trip highlights 2019 (pt 3)

The ferry to the statue of liberty was one of the most amazing experience I had while in New York City. Yes I know the site is super touristy and kinda overrated, but for a first-timer, we just had to do it.

It was beautiful, bright sunny day, judging from the sunglasses that I had to wear that day and the ferry was packed full of people. But I didn’t mind as there was a festive mood on board the ferry and everyone was looking forward to reaching the shores of Liberty Island.

As the ferry made its way to the island, and we went further out from the shores of Manhattan, we were greeted by a magnificent view of the city skyline. It was majestic. Just as I imagined it to be. New York City, in all its glory.

We didn’t go up to the top of the statue itself. Instead, we soaked up the sun and made a nice stroll around the island, gawking at the statue from all angles as well as the various tourists from all around the world like us who were enjoying the afternoon sun. The walk around the island was surprisingly peaceful and invigorating with Lady Liberty close to us at all times. Looking back, I can kinda understand the deep symbolic significance the statue brings not just to the city, but to the country itself. I mean, after all, this statue was suppose to symbolize the promise of liberty, regardless of who you are the moment you are on US soil, and liberty is such an important aspect of life for the people of the United States.

By the time we made it back to Manhattan, half of the day was gone. We decided to then spend some time near wall street and to find the charging bull again and do some souvenir shopping and find something to eat nearby when we came across something hilarious.

Yeap, someone was making a caricature out of Donald Trump, the current POTUS. Clearly with NYC as a predominantly liberal city, Donald Trump isn’t exactly well liked by New Yorkers at the moment. I don’t know this guy was, but we is doing a good job making fun of Donald Trump.

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