Completed Borderlands 3 in a midst of a Circuit Breaker

Yesterday, sometime in the middle of the month-long circuit breaker in a midst of a global pandemic, (or lockdown, depending on how you define it), my friend and I completed the entire story campaign of Borderlands 3 from start to finish. It took us 44 hours to complete the entire campaign. I bought the game on the 4th of April and he, a couple of days after me. 14 days later, both of us completed the game together.

This is the first time ever in my gaming experience that I complete an epic campaign such as Borderlands 3 from start to finish with another friend online in just two weeks. Sure we could have completed sooner, but the circuit breaker measures does not mean we don’t have to work from home. We do have to work during ‘office hours’ as we brought work stuff home so that we can work from home, but after that, it is straight to gaming and little else.

I guess that is one way to occupy your time while being cooped up in your home. People cope in different way, keeping themselves busy and looking after not only their physical health, but also mental health. Gaming with a friend, especially a game such as Borderlands 3 with its outrageous and humorous missions, it certainly kept us sane, and we had a few good laughs along the way.

Borderlands 3 will certainly be a game that I will fondly remember, as the first game I played online with friend from start to finish. And the game I completed during the pandemic.

The game is every penny well spent. Very polished, choked full of surprises and a long but satisfying campaign. I did not feel any part of the game where it was ‘grindy’. The plot pacing is very methodical and well thought out. The characters that filled the game and the plot were interesting and funny, with loads of pop-culture references and me and my friend managed to spot together.

My only regret is completing the game too soon. As of this writing we are just reaching the mid-point of our month-long circuit breaker. I guess with another two weeks to go, I will have to find something else to do. It’s going to be very difficult topping Borderlands 3. The campaign is extremely suited to be played with another friend and we certainly did that from the very beginning and enjoyed every moment of it. And then there is the DLC. I can always buy the DLC if we want to continue the experience together.

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