Applecare+ for Apple Watch


After much deliberation, I decided to purchase Applecare+ coverage for my Apple Watch.  This is my second time buying Applecare to get enhanced coverage for my Apple products, the first being the Macbook Air many years ago.

Applecare+ would provide enhanced coverage for my Apple Watch. Aside from the additional year warranty (total of 2 years) Applecare+ provides, it also covers 2 incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a S$98 service fee. For instance, if I were to drop my watch on the floor and the glass display is cracked, I can simply head to the Apple Store and get it repaired for just S$98. Any manufacturing defects would automatically be covered without paying the service fee. If any accidents were to happen to the watch, a service of S$348 would be charged to repair the watch. That is expensive. So for S$88 to get accidental coverage gives me a greater peace of mind should anything happen to my watch.

My previous Tissot Visodate mechanical watch had its fair share of bumps and knocks. On some occasions, it can be pretty violent. But it has held up remarkably well, only showing minor scratches on its stainless steel lug. The glass on both sides of the watch held up, mainly because its made of crystal sapphire glass.

The Apple Watch series 3 Nike Sports edition is made of aluminium and glass. That doesn’t inspire confidence in keeping scratches and cracks at bay under extreme stress (drops, scrapes, knocks etc). And judging from past experience with my Tissot watch, it will definitely get knocked around accidentally as you move your arm about in your surrounding environment. Scratches are almost a given since the watch is made of aluminium. So in essence, my decision to buy Applecare+ was driven by what I experienced on my Tissot watch. All in all, the additional year of warranty is an added bonus, since I see myself wearing the watch for at least two years before upgrading it.

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