So I bought an Apple Watch series 3 today


After a month of intense deliberation, I decided to pull the trigger and buy myself an Apple Watch series 3. This purchase would certainly blow my spending budget for the month. Not to mention the iPhone X that I recently bought a few weeks ago. I silently shudder as I wait for the credit card bill to arrive.

Anyways, back to the Apple Watch. So what made me decide to buy one? I think it all boils down to one thing, and that is to try out new tech. I have been fascinated with the Apple Watch since it debuted sometime in 2015. It was new, different and in some ways radical. It opened a whole new avenue on what a smartwatch can potentially do. So now that I have it, I am extremely curious as to how a device like the Apple Watch, a smart device on my wrist would affect my daily life. Will it enhance my day to day living, transforming to a better me than I was before? Or will it be a source of frustration as I try to fit this device into my life? Will it enhance living or diminish it? Will it help me achieve some of my New Year Resolutions for 2018, or will it simply serve as a distraction?

I bought the watch, solely with the intent of improving my health and fitness. I want to see in granular detail my activity level as I go about my life. I want to make better decisions as to what I do, or what I eat. I want the watch to be a companion, in helping me achieve fitness and health goals. Will it truly achieve all that? Only time will tell.

Right now I am charging my watch. I will be using it later tonight as I go about my routine night funs around the neighbourhood. I am looking forward to that. It’s been a while since I looked forward to a run!

I bought the 42mm Nike space grey aluminium version with black sports band. I also bought a black sports loop strap as my daily driver. I will only use the black sports band for exercise, as it will be easy to clean after a sweaty running session. I might consider looking for a good leather band to accompany to Apple Watch to suit for formal settings. But I am in no hurry. In fact, I really like the sports band. It really goes well with anything you wear and on most settings.

I will be giving a brief review in a couple of weeks. Right now I need to just enjoy the watch and see how it will change my day to day living.

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