Another Kickstarter project backed

Recently, I backed a Kickstarter project. Ridgemont Outfitter was launching a new line of waterproof, and durable hiking boots. The new pairs of boots come in a variety of colour and personally, I love the Java/Red combination the best.

Ridgemont shoes

I was browsing Kickstarter when I chanced upon the boots that Ridgemont Outfitters was trying to launch. I backed the project immediately when I saw the Java/Red combination. The design is really beautiful in my opinion. The red accents and shoelaces really give the boots character and it stands out among other hiking boots out there without looking too outlandish. I can’t really comment on the quality of the leather or the boots in general, (it launching in September) but I am pretty excited what that company has promised to offer when the time comes.

Personally, I don’t really need a new pair of hiking boots, since I already have one and a couple of leather shoes from Timberland that is still durable and wearable. What swayed me to back their product on Kickstarter was the fact that this pair of boots, actually look kind of ‘sneaker-like’. I other words, I can wear this to work like a pair of work shoes. It doesn’t look big and bulky like most hiking shoes out there (which is important in providing stability and a certain level of ruggedness to withstand the terrain in which one would be hiking) but the one from Ridgemont had design the boots to be very low profile. And I really really like that.

We shall see if the quality that they promised are up to standard in September. Right now, as I am writing this, I recently gave my sizes to Ridgemont. No doubt, the people at Ridgemont are busy preparing the orders and making user their boots arrive on time to the loyal customers who helped to make their Kickstarter a resounding success.

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