GoPro Hero 5 Session. The Next Best Thing to a DSLR or an MFT

Previously, I talked about how it pains me for having to ditch my MFT camera in my upcoming trip to Vancouver. As I am going to do lots of hiking (weather permitting) it is just not practical for me to lug or my camera gear to my hike. So the next best thing to not miss capturing the best moments there, I got myself a GoPro.

It was a pretty difficult decision to make, especially when deciding whether to get the Hero 5 Black or Hero 5 Session. Eventually, I settled for the Hero 5 Session. I initially had reservations about getting the Session over the Black. The biggest reservation was the fact that the battery is built in, and therefore cannot be changed once the battery is unable to hold a charge. But I really like the size of the Session. It measures just an inch on all sides into a small little cube and it’s more discreet than the Black. I don’t need a touch screen, a feature only found in the Black, and while the swappable battery is a major selling point for me, I decided that size and discretion is more important. This thing is so small that it just disappears, allowing you to record videos without being intrusive. Most of the features in the Black are also found in Session, with the exception of geotagging and higher pixel count when taking photos. But I can live without these features and at the end of the day, it doesn’t affect the quality of the videos. Both models perform just as well with Session at a much cheaper price point.

So I got it from Carousell. Apparently someone was selling it for only SGD380 instead of the usual retail price of SGD450, which is a nice discount to have.  I haven’t had any problems with it so far and I am charging the device as I type this entry. It is brand new and sold by a retail storefront at Kallang.

With the capture POV mount from Peak Design, that allows you mount the GoPro on your bag strap instead of wearing the chest harness, I can imagine shooting my hiking trips would be awesome.

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