Vacation to Hong Kong

This upcoming trip to Hong Kong with my colleagues wasn’t originally in my calendar. It was planned by my colleagues and through impulse I just said yes that I would be thrilled to join in on this trip. Just a weekend away from town, going to Hong Kong, to do a little bit of sightseeing, but mainly eat. And eat lots we will.

This would mark my 4th such overseas trip this year. It was Bangkok/Phuket, then Perth, Australia, then Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Now this, Hong Kong. Flying with Jetstar, third time’s the charm this year.

For this trip though I was hoping it could be a little longer. I feel you need to add at least 2 more days to fully appreciate the city. I am flying this coming Friday, and will be back on Sunday. Seem’s short in my opinion, but should be a great weekend destination when all you do is just hunt for great places to eat.

I am looking forward to this trip. Of course, I cannot give up the opportunity to take some nice photos along the way. I think I will be bringing my bulky 40-150mm lens. Never know I may be capturing some interesting stuff.

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