Improving my wifi connectivity

Ever since my household got upgraded to a fiber broadband, I have had difficulty getting decent wifi speeds. That is because of the location of the router, relative to the relay point of the fiber broadband connection, is situated at one corner of the living room, near the TV console. It is now further from my room, than the previous router location. Although fiber connection is much faster, and that my family has upgraded to fiber broadband speeds, I still did not get any appreciable improvements in terms of broadband speeds. My room is simply too far to fully take advantage of the speed boost.

For a while, it didn’t really bother me much, except for the occasional slow broadband that was just unbearable at times, and the fact that I couldn’t not close my room’s door, without suffering from wifi connection issues. So recently, I decided to invest in a simple solution in getting better wifi signals, and ultimately gaining a measurable improvements in broadband speeds. I invested in a pair of power line ethernet and wifi extender. The solution is simple; use the household power line and electrical circuits to transmit broadband data to any location of the house where there is a power outlet. In essence, you convert broadband signals and transmissions through the electrical power circuit, where a receiving device would then transmit data via ethernet or wifi signals closer to you. That way, rather than sniffing for distant household wifi, you connect to the wifi transmitting device closer to you, that is in turn connected to the router in another part of the house through electrical cables.

The solution is easy and elegant, and I was quite surprised at how easy for it to set everything up. Everything is mostly plug and play, and instructions were simple enough. Within moments of installation, and testing out my broadband speeds in my room using SpeedTest, I can safely say that there is a dramatic improvement in my wifi speed connection. It is also more stable, and streaming HD and even 4K encoded youtube video is no longer a problem. Though not the best solution, it is still a far better option given the situation. I may not enjoy full broadband speeds as advertised upon subscribing to the fiber broadband service, but looking at the 4-fold improvement, I can’t really complain at all. 🙂


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