Ethnotek Ghana Wayu backpack first impressions

I have been carrying my new backpack for a few days now and the first thing that struck me was how comfortable it is to carry it on my back. The heavily padded back and strap rests easily on my shoulders and it touches my entire back completely. This makes it feel secure and fully flushed against my back, without altering my posture to an un-ergonomical way. My only minor complaint is that it can get a little warm carrying this bag, especially if you are carrying heavy items in your backpack. It would simply press on your back further, and despite being comfortable due to the padding, it does not offer much in the way of ventilation, keeping heat out and allowing cool air to flow through your back. This is especially crucial in tropical countries where I live. Humidity is the bane when it comes to tropical temperatures. The sweat is just not going to evaporate and it would soon stick to your t-shirt and onto your bag. Unlike the Setia backpack, it only offers padding on your rear hips. The back part of the bag is actually slightly v-shaped, so the bag actually rests on your spine and then curving out, and away from your back. In essence, the contact to your back is not as close and as widespread compared to the Wayu bag.

But that is the only minor complaint that I have about the bag. In the Wayu bag, items are far easier to access in the main compartment, thanks to the dual zip system and the zip is smooth and does not get caught in any of the minor grooves and teeth of the zipper. The Setia bag can be quite cumbersome, due to the drawstring and buckle system. To access your items in the main compartment, you need to first unbuckle, and then pull out the drawstring to loosen the noose around the top of the backpack. This added hassle is why the Wayu bag is more suitable as a day to day commute bag, as you can access stuff easily in your main compartment, even while you are on the go. Be it your tablet, phone, magazine, or even your laptop, it is simple as pulling the zip across the bag.

For now, I love both of them, and I will regularly switch it up from one bag to the other to suit my moods and my work.

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