Incognito for 24 hours.

I check my Facebook, twitter and instagram feeds all the time. In fact , I think it has become sort of an unhealthy habit for me to constantly checking my feeds even during work hours. In the next 24 hours, I am going to challenge myself to not check my feeds in any way, mobile, desktop or laptop for 24 hours starting midnight tonight. And if I fail in doing so, I will keep track at how many time I have transgress this prohibition I have impose upon myself. That means, keep tracking consciously of the times I unconsciously tap on that Facebook, twitter or instagram app icon, or click on the hotlink bar at the top of the browser that leads me straight to my feeds. And then I am going to report here tomorrow midnight at how well (or badly) I have done so far.

The reason why i decided to do this is because tomorrow is valentines, and I am not in the mood to celebrate, nor in the mood to read other’s peoples proclamation of their love to each other, when I personally feel it should be done privately. Nor am I in the mood to read all those sappy valentine’s messages, “love” quotes, messages of gratitude for giving me this and giving me that and dinner this, dinner that. ugh! Not this year. I have decided to go incognito this time round.

There are certain concessions that I would make. If someone were to chat with me via Facebook chat app, then I will reply, but I will not refer back to my Facebook feeds. I am allowed to post stuff on my wall, if anything interesting crops up, but I will not be able to check how many likes I’ve got or responses I get. I am able to freely access any news related app, like Zite, Feedly or any of the news agency’s news app. I am able to whatsapp, and text message. I am not allowed to click on any Facebook related links that my friends post to me while chatting. I am able to read my mails regularly. I am not able to click on any Facebook related links posted to my email accounts.

So lets get started!

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