Wall of gratitude (week 1)

I remembered telling myself that I would write a gratitude page on my blog every now and then. This is to reflect on my life all the good things that I am grateful to have happened. This time round, I think I’m going to make it a personal commitment to at least write a gratitude page every week. Now that I have a job, it is even more important to reflect on the past week and reflect on the good and bad things that have happened and hopefully to learn from past mistakes. At the same time to not forget the good stuff in life, however small it is.

So here it is, my gratitude page:

– I am grateful to finally have a job after months of search.

– I am grateful to work in a very nice environment.

– I am grateful to have a supervisor that I can communicate openly with in my job. I look forward to working with him in the future. I am also optimistic that I am in great hands and that I will learn a lot of things from my supervisor. At the same time, I am driven to contribute as much as I can to achieving his goals that he has set out for me.

– I am grateful for all my friends who were there on friday to celebrate my first TGIF. We had dinner and then Starbucks and we talked through the night, sharing out work experiences with one another. It was a really fruitful night of socialising and I can see friendships being strengthened.

– I am grateful for all the assistance my supervisor have given me to get me settled to my new workplace. This includes setting up my lab bench, showing me around the lab, and even discussing about the project that me and my supervisor will be working on.

– I am grateful that my colleagues have been friendly with me so far.


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