7 Years, 3 Games, 1 Epic Story

Words cannot describe how I felt when the credits started rolling from my TV screen after finishing the final installment to the Mass Effect series. A feeling of accomplishment, of bittersweet sadness. Knowing that I have just completed one of the most epic video game trilogy of my entire life thus far is very difficult to swallow and comprehend.

I still remembered the time when I bought home the first installment of Mass Effect and played it through. It was seven years ago. Seven! Such a long time ago. At that time, Bioware took a huge risk by creating a sci-fi universe in which they can call it their own, and built a powerful franchise along the way. After the runaway success of Knight of the Old Republic, Bioware knew what it takes to build a sci-fi universe from scratch. The experience they earned in making a compelling story using the Star Wars universe was definitely one of the trigger points that made them decide to start on a completely new IP for their studio. And the results paid off.

Now, seven years later and hit after hit, the final conclusion to the story is here. Never have I played a series of games where the storyline is so tightly intertwined and connected and the same time diverse because of the choices you can make during the game. It is extremely compelling to dwell on the idea that your decisions you made in the previous games do have a large impact in later games that can be felt. And the fact that the game creates a unique story, a story only you will know because of all the decisions you make in the Mass Effect games have an impact on how the story is crafted. You shape the story, you end it, and I felt a sense of sadness knowing that it has ended on my terms. I have given life to the characters that filled the story, and at the same time given death to some during those difficult decisions. To be there at every step of Shepard’s journey has been extremely exciting.

Bioware and its team of writers are masters of storytelling. They are the best when it comes to creating a compelling story in a video game as a medium. I do not doubt that Bioware will continue to do what they are best at, and that no other studio will be able to surpass Bioware’s grand vision when it comes to telling stories; not just in one game, but a trilogy of games. Also, never have I felt so emotionally attached to any digital characters, other than what Bioware created in their games. Characters like Legion, Thane Krios, Joker, EDI, Talia and many more are just a handful of examples that I will remember for as long as I live. Mass Effect is truly the Star Wars of the next generation. This franchise is worthy of a spot in pop-culture.

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