The AIESEC house

The AIESEC house is our accommodation in Tunis. Upon arrival at the airport, our fellow AIESECers brought us to their cars, so that they can bring us to the AIESEC house.

The AIESEC house is like an apartment rented out (or bought, im not sure) for fellow AIESECers to stay. Its located about 15 minutes from the city center of Tunis and about 20 minute car ride from the airport. The most amazing thing about Tunis is the traffic. There are no traffic laws at all! The roads are unmarked, and although they are right hand drivers, sometimes I cant tell if they are driving on the correct lane. Everyone and every vehicle is going about their way. It was scary. Really scary.

There were lots of Volkswagens, and Peugeots on the roads, and they don’t bother keeping their cars clean, which is practical because its a semi desert country and it can be very dusty while on the road. One must be brave to first get a ride on their local cars, and second have nerves of steel while crossing their roads.

When we reached the house, it was rundown. Our apartment was on the second floor of the building. Despite it being rundown, and messy, I love it. I absolutely love it. Living like a local, that’s what I love being here. And its close to the city center of Tunis. There is a Carrefour nearby which is convenient and lots of places to eat. We have yet to really try local cuisines but I’m sure we will try them soon.

When we reach the house, there were a few other fellow AIESECers from the US and Mexico who arrived a couple of days earlier and we introduced ourselves and mingle with them immediately. They are great people. There are more arriving everyday and it will get really crowded soon.

The local AIESECers have been really nice to us. They can speak pretty good english and there are no problem understanding them. Arabic is their main language and they can speak french too. The only challenging part right now is to converse in Arabic or French to the locals, especially when ordering meals and buying stuff.

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