Gotta have roots, before branches.

This week marks the final episode of Glee's season 4 run. It couldn't have come at a better timing, just is time for the release of the results, and for the seniors, the official confirmation that they have graduated from school. Seeing some of my friends (seniors) graduate, is like a sneak preview to a... Continue Reading →

Tunisia Tourism Commercial

I was surfing around Youtube and I came across the Tunisian Tourism Commercial and I think it's pretty amazing. The ad showing Tunisians from all over the country, united in welcoming visitors to their country really hits the sweet spot for me. After what they have gone through during the period of the uprising, and... Continue Reading →

Visa application: Approved

Today marks another milestone in my Visa application: It has been approved! It took about a month to sort out the correct documents needed, and another week or so for the approval process before finally getting the all important call to head down the office to have your passport stamped with the Tunisian Visa. I... Continue Reading →

That one person…

Have you ever, at some point in your life met and known someone, but you wish you never have known him or her in the first place? It is not about hating that person, but rather, life could have been so much simpler if that would have been the case. Probably it stems from the... Continue Reading →

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