Only the TV is left, coming this Tuesday!

After 2 days of hard work, moving the furniture, putting stuff back into it, everything is almost in place. In fact, i even made a trip down to Ikea to get some additional small furnitures and some ambient lighting to set the mood. The only thing left now is the Panasonic 32 inch LCD TV which would be coming this tuesday.

You can see that the computer table is still jutting out from its original location. Well, the tv hasnt been installed yet and the cabling is not quite done. Other than that, the rest of the furnishings are in place. I bought those lamps at only SGD 9.90 each and it really sets the mood in the room. With everything wood, the colours contrasts from the paints complements it really well.


You can also see the coffee table by the side. That is not in its proper place yet. When the table gets moved back against the wall, i will have space to put it in the middle of the room. Also ive bought a brown/beige carpet for the floor and suits really well with the whole theme of this room. 

Ive had challenges managing the cable at the back of the computer table. It was not easy trying to conceal all those hideous wires from view at the front, while at the same time, keeping it relatively neat and manageable.Its so far so good, but when the PS3 comes in, (which would be temporary and for special occasions) and the TV, there will be many more cables to manage here, from the HDMIs to the power cables.

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