What’s My Blog Rated

Just as you see film ratings, you can now give you websites, profiles and blogs a film rating, based on the text content on you site.

So whats my blog rating? ~Drumroll Please~

Online Dating

Mingle2Online Dating

WHAT?! Why am i given and R rating? Apparently i was told that i used the following words such as sex, anal, knife. So… now you know.. all those kids out there… theres nothing to fear about reading my blog trust me!

Click on the image to give you site a rating.

2 thoughts on “What’s My Blog Rated

Add yours

  1. omg!!! why Restricted!!!!
    so bad meh?!?!!
    i think i have more vulgarities on my blog than you have and mine’s rated “G – General Audiences” and ALL ages are admitted!!!!
    oh goodness me! I must be dreaming.

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