Trauma Center Review

I just finished playing Trauma Center: Under The Knife and i must say, it was an incredible experience! Clocking slightly over 7 hours of gameplay from start to finish, so far ive had the most fun experience on the DS.

Though the storyline is a little bit shallow and sometimes cheesy, it never fails to at least bring the plot forward. The surgical missions are engaging, fast and sometimes a little stressful. Often times you are required to take your own initiatives in handling the procedures. Most missions require you to be on the ball and alert at all times fighting against time and the patients ailing conditinos, while at the same time maintaining the upmost precision in executing the surgery. This is the one game that you should not play while on a moving vehicle, such as on a train or bus.

There were several occasions where the missions get a little bit too difficult. Retries are common and i must admit, i had to refer to the walkthrough every now and then so as to know what to expect in the next phase of the surgery.

Controls are slick and after a few attempts, you stylus feels like the extension of your fingers. often times you can get tired because you need to switch back and forth the different surgical tools to handle the most difficult of patients.

One of my most hates procedures are the parasites called GUILT. They are sometimes hard to deal with and some are puzzle based problems, which i sorely lack in solving it efficiently. Others require many stages to the surgery procedure and you never know what the parasite will do next. Often times you are required to outpace, outskill and outlast the parasite to succeed.

Overall the gameplay is fluid and every mission is fresh and new, and you have to expect the unexpected and deal with it within a split second. There were several occasions where you almost feel like the surgeon, trying to save a dying patient, never giving up, always trying your best to keep him or her alive.

So overall, this is a good entertaining game, which allows you to play a role of a surgeon. Ive already played the role of a detective solving a crime.

Detective, Surgeon. Whats next?

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