Introducing the iPhone X



This is an impulse buy.

I do not need this phone.

My current iPhone 7 plus served me well for the past year and continued to serve me well till today. Last night, I went to the Apple online store and realised that in-store pickups were available. I immediately pounced on the opportunity to secure myself a 256GB space gray iPhone X. I headed to the Orchard Apple Store the next morning and within 10 minutes inside the store, the phone was in my hands.

It’s S$1888. That is insane. I just bought a S$1888 phone. Even deducting the resale value of my current iPhone 7 Plus (S$550) I am still paying more than S$1300 for a new phone. That is still insane. I don’t know what got me into clicking the ‘buy’ button. There is just something about Apple’s product that just mesmerises me. It could be the screen, the edge to edge display, the faceID, I don’t know, but I am feeling a hint of buyers remorse. Sure the phone is great looking, but do I really need it?

To hell with it. I have already bought it, unboxed it and set up my phone. There is no going back. Guess I will have to brace myself for the credit card bill next month. Thank God for the 13th month bonus!

And… Darn you Apple for making such gorgeous products!



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