Satechi mat & mate (by fulldesign)


The Satechi mat & mate is a very elegant desk mat that would serve as a perfect companion to any minimalistic desk setup. It is a rather large deskmat, measuring 24″ by 14″. It is also the last piece of accessory that I bought on Amazon, before declaring my new gaming desk setup complete.

This deskmat is actually the third iteration of the deskmat to be released by Satechi. The new version is now waterproof and if I am not mistaken, slightly heavier and denser than the previous version. Having the mat waterproof means that water will not seep into the mat and potentially damaging the material over time. You can also be assured that any sweat or grime from your arms as a result of using the mat that might accumulate over time can be wiped off fairly easily. The denser and more premium feel of the mat allows the mat to lay completely flat on the table. There were issues with the previous version where occasionally, the edges of the mat would curl up, making it difficult to lay completely flat. This time however, since it’s much heavier, the edges now lay completely flat.

The great thing I like about the mat is that it can also be used as a mousepad. Because the mat is rather large, you can place a keyboard and the mouse on the mousepad together. This results in a really clean and minimal look on my new gaming desk setup, as I do not have to deal with any extra mousepad accessory that may look out of place with the keyboard. Having them together on a single mat, while at the same time being able to use as mousepad adds great practicality and functionality to and already great looking mat.


As you can see the image above, there is ample space to put both your keyboard and mouse together. I really love this mat. Doesn’t look too gaming setup, but rather, it looks more professional and subdued.

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